Movement One: Learn and Pray

Listen to the audio teaching and prayer guide together

Use the pdf and images that follow to guide the practice of lament

Movement Two: Personal Reflection

Leave a few moments of silence to reflect on these questions

  • Have you ever struggled with the question, “Why does pain exist?”
  • Curtis said that “the goodness of God is demonstrated not in the prevention of pain but in the redemption of pain.” Do you have any experiences that resonate with those words?
  • Although trust is an important element of lament, sometimes we are in so much pain that we cannot remember God’s goodness. Have you ever experienced such a time? What was it like? 

Movement Three: Group Discussion

Use the following questions to help facilitate discussion

  • Did anything from the teaching stand out to you? 
  • How was your experience of the practice of lament with images? Was it difficult, or did it come naturally to you? 
  • Do you tend to find it easier to express lament for personal pain or communal injustices?