Have you ever considered that celebration is actually a spiritual practice? In a culture overflowing with reasons for despair, what if the practice of celebration is essential to being formed by Jesus to be like Jesus for the sake of the world?

In the first week of the series, Jason offered three invitations with the practice of celebration. First, how can we more intentionally turn our attention to the presence of our Creator in our delight and celebration. Second, how can we be open to celebration in whatever form it takes in our lives, and finally, how can we be on the lookout for opportunities to celebrate in the simple ordinary moments of our day?

Kingdom Practices
In our first week, we have three invitations. You may jump into all three or choose one.

  1. Consider the three invitations above. Which one most resonates with you in this season? Spends some time with it and consider how you might respond as you practice celebration this week.
  2. Schedule some time to set aside your responsibilities and do something simply for the sake of delight. It might be a delicious meal or some activity you enjoy. Allow yourself to do something for no other reason than to simply participate in a delightful (literally full of delight) activity.
  3. Carry your bubbles with you throughout you day, and when you notice a moment for celebration, pause and blow some bubbles as a way of marking the moment and celebrating with God.

Week 2
In our second week, Erin Lonard invited us to consider that holy delight is possible even in moments of dispair.

Kingdom Practice
This week, let’s continue to find the ways we can encounter delight in the midst of grief. Remember, this is not a cheap, find the silver lining, sort of delight. This is encountering God with us in the midst of sorrow. If there was a specific action that came to mind in the practice, make time for that this week. If not, perhaps you will return to the acrostic prayer and see what God brings to mind for you this week.

Week 3
In our third week, Andy invited us to follow the lead of Mary in the ways of ‘unseen celebration.’ How can we recognize, treasure, and ponder the extravagant gifts of God’s presence and love in our lives?

Kingdom Practice
This week, let’s continue with the practice Andy introduced to us. The beautiful reality of this practice is that it is one we can practice in set aside times of prayer and at any moment in any place in the middle of our everyday lives. So let’s set aside time this week to recognize God’s extravagant gifts, treasure them, and continue to ponder them. Let’s allow ourselves to feel the full weight of God’s goodness and walk with them considering what wisdom they have to share with us.


If you have a story to share about how you have been encountering God in this season, we would love to hear it

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