Movement One: Learn and Pray

Listen to the audio teaching and prayer guide together

Movement Two: Personal Reflection

Leave a few moments of silence to reflect on these questions

  • Jonathan described lament as an attempt to put language to pain that we don’t have words for, to describe things that seem indescribable. Does anything stir in you that might be considered indescribable pain from your past or in your life currently? 
  • Have you ever brought your pain to God in prayer and felt a deeper intimacy with God? 
  • What might it look like for you to uncover what is deep within you and bring that before God in prayer? 

Movement Three: Group Discussion

Use the following questions to help facilitate discussion

  • Did anything from the teaching stand out to you? 
  • How was your experience of the practice with Psalm 6? 
  • Do you find it difficult to express your true emotions to God in prayer?