We are being formed by our political engagement. In our journey this month, we hope to begin recognizing the ways we are being shaped by our political culture, and we will seek to embrace the alternative way of Jesus. What if our formation in Christlikeness was obvious in the way we engaged politics?

This week, we explored the counter-formational practice of scripture. Nicole Howe invited us to soak in the story of scripture and learn the rhythm and language of God’s word.

Kingdom Practices
Reading scripture in community is an important counter-formational practice. When we read in community, our perspective is expanded beyond our own limited view. This can help us avoid laying our political viewpoints over scripture. Another important way of reading in community is through the lectionary. When we read the lectionary, we submit to the community of the historical church and we are taken through books and passages we might otherwise avoid.

This week, our invitation is to read in community. First, let’s commit to reading and reflecting on the passages each day. Then, at least twice this week, let’s make space to read with someone else. You can read with your family or a friend. If you are not sure who to read with, join our Zoom calls, Tuesday and Thursday at 6pm. When you read together, read the passages aloud and share your response to one of the reflection questions. You can find the daily readings, some context on the passages, and the reflection questions here.

You can find the Order of Practice here.

If you have a story to share about how you have been encountering God in this season, we would love to hear it

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