We are being formed by our political engagement. In our journey this month, we hope to begin recognizing the ways we are being shaped by our political culture, and we will seek to embrace the alternative way of Jesus. What if our formation in Christlikeness was obvious in the way we engaged politics?

This week, we explored the counter-formational practice of community. Jason Hitchcock invited us to consider the different teachings of Jeremiah and John, and discern which we should follow in particular political issues. When is it right to follow Jeremiah and settle into the culture, praying for it  to prosper? (Jeremiah 29:4-7) And when is it right to follow John’s instruction to “come out” of culture and stand against its sin and injustice? (Revelation 18:2-5) To guide our discernment, we asked, “Who do we hope to be as a community?” Together we discerned we want to be a different community, a community who listens with curiosity, loves with grace, and shares the peace of Christ with all who need it.

Kingdom Practices
This week, we want to put that hope into practice. Let’s make time this week for a conversation with someone with whom we disagree. The intention of this practice is to ask questions and listen. We are not trying to win them to our side, but to reflect who we are as a community. As we listen, might we see this person with an opposing view as the beloved image bearer of God that they are? We want to share some important guidance for this practice. Please check out this page for a practice to prepare to listen and the helpful guidance in your conversation. 

If this practice is not something you are able to do, we invite you to choose a political issue and research an opposing view. As you read and listen, consider the reasons behind their opinion. See if you might gain some understanding and be able to see the individual as the beloved image bearer of God that they are.


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