After exploring the good news that Jesus came to make the Kingdom of God available to all, Jason helps us uncover what kingdoms we may be living in. Are we submitting the places of control in our lives to the kingdom of God or the kingdoms of this world? Jason then challenges us to practice a daily prayer of examen and listen to God as we seek to become people who live more fully in God’s kingdom.

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Kingdom Practices
Continue reflecting on how you may or may not be living into God’s Kingdom of love. Also, consider praying the Kingdom Examen every day in the evening as a way of prayerfully reflecting on your day, or in the morning as a way of reflecting on the past day. 

Additional Resources
Inner Compass by Margaret Silf
The Spirit of the Disciplines by Dallas Willard
The Divine Conspiracy by Dallas Willard
Kingdom, Grace, and Judgement by Robert Farrar Capon
Desiring the Kingdom by James K.A. Smith