It was so great to gather virtually last Sunday night for our second ever “Practice Unplugged” gathering via Facebook Live and Zoom! In this difficult time of social distancing, it is all the more meaningful to worship, learn, and practice together, even with the limitations of technology. Continuing our journey through the season of Lent, The Invitation to Let Go, Kellye Fabian invited us to consider how our hearts, souls, and bodies all work together in the act of surrendering everything to God. If we cannot merely think our way into letting go, then how might we engage our entire selves in surrender to God?

Check out the podcast above, or watch the entire service here

Kingdom Practices
This week, continue to engage with your Lenten experiment. Perhaps you might add the embodied prayer practice that Kellye led to your practices in your experiment. We invite you to continue sharing your experiment with a close friend or a small group.

Daily Office
In this season of anxiety and fear, we invite you to join us as we pause every day for morning, midday, and evening prayer

Additional Resources 
Praying with Body and Soul by Jane E. Vennard
Being Human by Rowan Williams
Breathing Under Water by Richard Rohr
The Body Keeps the Score by Bessel Van Der Kolk