We have a tricky relationship with control. It is true God gives us agency, and we are responsible to steward that well. However, our agency is limited. We cannot control nearly as much as we would like. So we strive and cling to control, and when the illusion of our control is broken we either cling grasp all the more for power or we resort to deflated inactivity.

This year in the season of Lent, we will experiment with surrendering control. In this video, we begin with an interview with pastor and author Mandy Smith. Mandy is the author of a wonderful book, Unfettered that explores our obsession with power and paints a beautiful picture of a childlike faith. Then, we consider our relationship with control and begin the crafting of our experiments.

You can find the Table Liturgy here, and the handout for crafting an experiment here.

If you are organizing a group or you would like help getting connected for the experiment, please let us know here.

Additional Resources

Unfettered by Mandy Smith
The Cost of Control by Sharon Hodde Miller
The Way of the Dragon or the Way of the Lamb by Jamin Goggin and Kyle Strobel 

 Full interview with Mandy Smith

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