As we continue our series on the Kingdom of God, Jason helps us move from a vision of the gospel as the present availability of God’s kingdom toward a framework for how we might participate in the kingdom. How is God inviting us to live the kingdom into every corner of human existence? Jason challenges us to imagine how we could cultivate pockets of the kingdom through the spiritual practice of service. Then, we intentionally listen for both who and how God might be inviting us to serve.

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Kingdom Practices
Did you sense a specific invitation from God as you engaged the practice? Make a commitment to serve the person the Lord brought to mind in whatever way God may be inviting you to serve. Consider practicing the Acts of Service listening prayer every day as a way of continually seeking who and how God is inviting you to serve.

Additional Resources
Surprised by Hope by N.T. Wright
Heaven and Earth by The Bible Project 
The Great Omission by Dallas Willard 
Radical Hospitality by Fr. Daniel OSB and Loni Collins Pratt