After spending the last four weeks in the practice of lament, we consider the invitation of Palm Sunday. As we have been crying out to God in our sorrow and pain, are we willing to trust however God will respond, even if it is not in the way we hope for God to respond? 

The practice in our service came from Jared Patrick Boyd’s book Imaginative Prayer. This is a wonderful resource of imaginative prayers for families to practice together.

Kingdom Practice
Our invitation is to walk through the events of this Holy Week, staying present with whatever it is God wants to do in us. We have spent the last four weeks allowing ourselves to feel all the anger, pain, and sorrow that arose in our laments. Let’s be willing to stay in the story of the final days of Jesus’s life and feel whatever emotions arise.

If it is helpful, you may want to practice the guided daily office we created a couple years ago. You can find the playlist with each individual prayer on YouTube. Or you can find each day’s prayers on the podcasts:


Unfortunately, we had some technical issues which kept us from being able to livestream with good audio. If you missed our time Sunday, please check out the podcast below.

You can find the Order of Practice here

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