In the midst of racism, police brutality, and protests, we pause for a night of lament and confession. Jason Feffer leads us through a lament of the many injustices woven into the fabric of our country for centuries that have led to the systemic injustices of today. Then, we confess the sins of our nation as well as our own sin.

Listen to the podcast above, or view the entire service below.

Kingdom Practices
Pastor David Swanson says that lament is like a limp that stays with us. One evening of lament and confession can never be enough. We must continue listening to the voices of those around us, listening to our own selves, and listening to the Holy Spirit. As we listen, we may notice and lament the pain within ourselves and those around us, while confessing the sin that God brings to mind. 

Additional Resources
Trouble I’ve Seen by Drew Hart 
I’m Still Here by Austin Channing Brown 
The Color of Compromise by Jemar Tisby 
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The New Jim Crow by Michelle Alexander 
White Fragility by Robin J Diangelo 
ReDiscipling the White Church by David Swanson 
White Awake by Daniel Hill 
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