What if we could move beyond a faith based solely on beliefs or right behaviors? Good theology and kingdom living are absolutely important, but what if this life could be grounded in a real encounter with God?

In this series, we will open ourselves to encounter God as we explore the character of God in Exodus 34:6-7. We are going to steep ourselves in God’s presence as we contemplate this important passage and see how we might encounter God with a sense of wonder and awe in the process.

Kingdom Practices
We invite you this week to contemplate Exodus 34:6-7 with the practice of lectio divina. We know that a real encounter with God only comes on God’s terms, but we can cultivate a posture that is ready and open for however we will encounter God. One way to cultivate this posture is the practice of lectio divina. So let’s pause each day to soak in the presence of God as we read this text with the Lord. If it is helpful, you can use the guided lectio found below.

We also invite you to consider memorizing this passage with us. How might our expereince of God deepen if we internalize this passage with the spiritual practice of scripture memorization?

You can find the Order of Practice here

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