Eric Case kicks off a series on Embodied Spirituality by asking the question, “How do our senses help lead us toward or away from God’s loving presence?” Beginning with our sense of sight, Eric explores how our eyes can both open us to God’s presence all around us, and sometimes cause us to live by sight, rather than faith. Then, we practice a prayer with images, asking God to open our eyes to the stories that are deeper than our eyes can see.

Check out the podcast and practice above or watch the entire service below!

Kingdom Practices
Consider practicing the prayer with images from last Sunday night every day this week. You might use different images that could guide your time of prayer. Take this practice a step further by paying attention to what you see all around you in your everyday life. Notice the assumptions and judgments that you make and allow the Holy Spirit to help you live by faith and not sight alone. 

Additional Resources
Finding God in All Things by William Barry
The Human Body and Spiritual Growth by Dallas Willard (article on Renovare)
The Body Keeps the Score by Bessel van der Kolk