This fall, we’re learning to align the rhythms of our lives to God’s “unforced rhythms of Grace,” for the sake of the world. It’s been quite a journey so far.  After naming our deep desires and exploring the foundational practice of SILENCE, we now move into the next two rhythms: Embodied Examen and Sabbath-keeping. Here’s why we’re so excited…

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October 25th: Embodied Spirituality. We’ll explore what it means to be embodied spiritual beings. Many of us live largely in our heads–separated and even antagonistic toward our bodies–but God created us to be whole, integrated people. Bringing together neuroscience, psychological training, and our deep Christian tradition, Eric Connor and Jenna Perrine will engage the connections between our spiritual lives and our physical bodies, and help us put these connections into practice.

**Don’t miss our second “After-Party” this night, 7:30-8:30pm, for those who want to go deeper.**

November 1st: Embodied Examen. Building on the first week, Fr Michael Sparough SJ will return to teach us an “Embodied Examen.” As we examine our lives in God’s presence, we can become aware of what our bodies our telling us, since our bodies often know about our pain and joy before our brains do.  Fr Michael will teach us a practice to listen to God speak through our bodies.

November 8th: The Sabbath. This week, our friend Rabbi Evan Moffic will help us turn toward one of the most historic, difficult, and powerful spiritual practices: Sabbath-keeping. From his deep Jewish tradition, he will unpack the history and heart of The Sabbath, and teach us a number of concrete ways to practice it. Few people are able to connect our two faith traditions in such a beautiful and redemptive way, and we’re thrilled that Rabbi Moffic is part of the Practice extended family!

**Friday, Nov 13th, Rabbi Moffic has invited our community to join their community for a Shabbat service at their synagogue in Highland Park. Please join us!**

November 15th: The Sabbath. Finally, we’ll explore the nuts and bolts of Sabbath-keeping in our actual lives. Is it even possible to practice The Sabbath in 2015 in the NW Suburbs of Chicago? Jason Feffer will offer a strong “YES!,” along with tangible steps to align the rhythms of our lives to God’s original rhythm: 6 on and 1 off. Friends, many people live their whole lives apart from the incredible Sabbath gift that God is trying to give us. Don’t miss it!

Sunday nights at 6pm
Willow Creek Chapel
All are invited

Honored to be on this journey with you,
Aaron and The Practice Team