We have just finished a journey through the themes of the Spiritual Exercises of Ignatius Loyola. The Jesuits, the order begun by Ignatius, are often referred to as contemplatives in action. Ignatius understood the work God does in our lives is intended to influence our actions in the world. Our formation in Christlikeness is always for the sake of the world, and last night we had the great opportunity to hear how God has been stirring people in our community to join God’s kingdom work in the world.

Ashlee and Delwin Eiland shared God’s invitation to adopt. I was so moved by how their understanding of being adopted into the family of God influences their journey and their journey is deepening their understanding of being adopted into the family of God. (You can learn more about their journey here)

Keri Wyatt Kent shared her call to serve a local Syrian refugee family. It is beautiful to see Keri’s love for this family, and her willingness to simply be present with them and to bring joy into their relationship. (You can learn more about the organization Keri is working with here.)

Finally, Lori Shoults and Rhianna Godfrey shared how God has been moving them to join the work of City of Refuge in Ghana. I love seeing how their formation into the people God created them to be is guiding their journey, and God is using their passions and gifts to join the important kingdom work happening at City of Refuge. (You can learn more about City of Refuge here.)

Kingdom Practices
This week, let’s continue to listen to how we are being invited to join God’s kingdom work in the world and respond to God’s invitation. You may choose to spend more time listening to God using the questions from last night.

  • Where have you sensed God stirring in you recently? Where have you been moved to sorrow or anger? What has broken your heart? Spend at least five minutes listening to God. Do you hear an invitation to join God’s kingdom work in this space?
  • What are some obstacles to responding to God’s invitation? Where is there an internal resistance? What external complications threaten your ability to join God’s work? Spend at least five minutes talking to God (speaking and listening) about these obstacles.
  • Finally, ask God if there is a specific invitation to respond in some concrete way in this season. Spend at least five minutes listening to God.