Last night was a very emotional night as we announced June 25th will be the final Practice Gathering. This decision was not reached easily. For months we have been looking for the strategic place of The Practice within Willow Creek. After countless hours of conversation, tears, and prayer, we could not find a space that was both available and made sense for our gathering. So we came to the sad conclusion that we could not keep The Practice service going.

As we move into the future, we will be experimenting with ways to bring the spirit of The Practice to the larger Willow community in retreats, cohorts, and other experiences. We will also continue Practice Tables as a way of building and supporting practice-based community.

Have a listen to the full announcement on the podcast.

Please note that the Q&A portion of the night was primarily “family business” and not appropriate to include on the podcast. If you typically attend The Practice in person, were not able to attend, and would like to hear the Q&A, please email Jason  for a copy. 

Kingdom Practice 
In this season, we are all swimming in deep emotion. I am comforted as I remember the prophet Isaiah called Jesus a “man of sorrows acquainted with grief.” (Isaiah 53:3) The one we follow is not only familiar with the emotions we are feeling, but he is with us in it. As we live through these coming weeks, can we all commit to lean into Jesus?