As always, it was a joy to gather in the chapel with our community last night. Our opening liturgy led us through the lectionary to another imaginative reading of the Gospel text, Luke 24:13-35. Lori guided us as we put ourselves in the story of the disciples walking the road to Emmaus with Jesus.

Then we welcomed the brilliant David Fitch to unpack the Gospel reading. How does the invitation of Jesus and a posture of thanksgiving lead to reconciliation and participation in the presence of God’s kingdom in our everyday lives? When we gather at the table, David taught, space is opened, Jesus is present, and the kingdom happens. Have a listen to the podcast.

Kingdom Practices
Our first kingdom practice for the week is to continue tending to God’s presence in the people around us. How can we be present with the people we interact with this week? How can we be present to them and to the presence of Christ in them?

The second kingdom practice brings the last two weeks together. Next week, we will be gathering around tables to share a small part of our stories. We will take five minutes to share one experience or relationship that has impacted our growth as a Christ follower. As we listen, we will tend to the presence of Christ in one another, and the kingdom of God will be present.

Additional Resources:
[amazon text=Faithful Presence: Seven Disciplines That Shape the Church for Mission&asin=083084127X] by David Fitch is a deeper look at what we learned this week and so much more.