Last night was such a deep and wonderful service. Dr. Warren Anderson and the Judson University Choir led us in our opening liturgy. What a gift it is to be so beautifully led by a full choir!

Then Father Michael led us into the third movement of the Spiritual Exercises. “It is one thing to be with Jesus in his glory,” he said, “it’s another thing when Jesus invites us to be with him in his hour of agony.” Father Michael called this third movement, a time leading us into the season of Lent, a “purification of love.”

We enter this season of preparation for Easter with three traditional practices, prayer, fasting, and alms-giving. Last night, we began to consider how God might be inviting us to deepen our experience of prayer, to let go of something we that keeps us from surrendering to God, and express solidarity with the poor and suffering face of Christ in the world.

Father Michael led us in a profound practice of imaginative prayer to begin asking Christ how we might enter the season of Lent with these three practices. If you were not able to be with us last night, please listen to the full teaching and practice.

Kingdom Practices
This week, let’s continue to ask these three questions in preparation for Lent.

How is God inviting you to deepen your practice of prayer during Lent?
What might God be inviting you to fast from to experience greater freedom in Christ?
How is God inviting you to express solidarity with the poor and suffering face of Christ in the world?