What a wonderful night! Sam guided us with an invitation to open our hearts to the mysteries of Advent. “Great is the mystery of Advent, Christ has come, Christ is with us, and Christ will come again.” The thread holding these three Advents together is the gift of God’s presence. How might we slow down this week to see Jesus in those we encounter each day?

Sam then led the practice of Visio Divina. Visio Divina helps us to listen to God as we see. If you couldn’t be with us, please make some time this week to listen and engage this practice. You can find the image we used last night here.

Kingdom Practices
As we walk through Advent this year, let’s continue to practice the breath prayer we engaged last week, “Immanuel, I wait for you.” And as we grow in deeper awareness of the Lord’s presence with us, how are we being invited to respond to God’s presence in the people we meet every day?