Last night, we continued our contemplation of the life and ministry of Christ. Gail Donahue led us through a meaningful exploration of hospitality. Hospitality is more than table settings, well cooked meals, and welcoming people into our homes. We can extend hospitality to everyone we interact with on a daily basis.

We see in the way Jesus was with people that extending hospitality is not simply nice to do. It is something we must do. The life of Jesus demonstrates that God’s heart is overflowing with hospitality. Gail shared the key elements of bringing hospitality into our everyday lives, and guided us in a practice that helped us experience the hospitality of Jesus and extend that hospitality back to God and to those in our lives.

Have a listen to the full teaching and practice.

Kingdom Practices
This week, let’s rest in the hospitality of Christ, and extend God’s loving hospitality to those in our lives. We are also continuing our practice of imaginative prayer. Our latest original contemplation was written by Gail, and it places us in a parable that demonstrates God’s extraordinary hospitality, the Parable of the Prodigal Son.