Dear Tribe,

This is a quick blog post to encourage all of you to make plans for this upcoming Sunday night Sunday, March 6th!  Remember: The Practice is gathering on Sunday, March 6th, but NOT in the chapel. Instead, we invite you to meet with at least one other Practicing brother/sister around a table or living room to:

(1) Share a meal together,

(2) Create holy space by praying the table liturgy (instructions below)

(3) Share your lament (based on last Sunday’s lament writing workshop) with each other.

Here, we wanted to give you a few practical next steps in how to plan for your home gathering, including how to print and prepare the table liturgy.


How to host a Lament Table Liturgy

Step 1:

As soon as possible, send the invitation. This is the perfect opportunity to reach out to that person/couple/group that you’ve wanted to connect with more deeply. Or maybe God is placing someone on your mind–even as you read this blog. Send them a message right away! Who knows what God might want to do in and through you next Sunday night.

Step 2:

Figure out the meal you want to share together. We believe hospitality, and sharing a meal around a common table is a powerful thing. This can be as simple as ordering pizza to be delivered, or an opportunity for you to cook and host a meal in your home. Don’t stress this part, but if you can, make a plan for a meal with your people to make food a part of it.

Step 3:

If you believe it will be helpful to facilitating a time of lament sharing around the table, we highly encourage you to make use of the beautiful table liturgy created by our very own Kellye Fabian and the team. Print off a copy of the table liturgy for each person who is attending your table using these instructions:

  • If you have a double sided printer (recommended):
    • Download the double sided table liturgy by clicking here.
    • This version of the table liturgy has been pre-formatted to be printed double sided on two pages and then folded in half with one page inserted into the other to create a booklet.
    • Use the page numbers to make sure your booklet flows in order from page 1 – 8
  • If you have a single sided printer:
    • Download the single sided table liturgy by clicking here.
    • This version of the table liturgy simply prints two pages of the liturgy per page.
    • Your document will be a total of 4 pages when printed.
    • Use the page numbers to make sure you read the table liturgy in order from page 1 -8

Step 4:

The table liturgy will work best if you have all the required materials – we suggest having 1 candle per person who will be sharing their lament (and a way to light the candles i.e. matches or a lighter).

The table liturgy is also set up to have 1 leader, who reads the role of the leader throughout the table liturgy. We recommend that you as the host do this, but anyone can lead.

Step 5:

Go for it! Dive into the holy space you’ve created around the table, share a meal, and then take the risk to share your laments with one another. If you or another member at your table haven’t had a chance to write a lament using last week’s workshop, feel free to simply share from your heart, what God has been putting on your heart to lament as you’ve journeyed with us this past series.

That’s it! We cannot wait to hear how this home practice goes – may you be brave and take risks to find intimacy and common ground in Christ around the table with one another.


Jenna & The Practice Team