This year as we each do the work of crafting a personal rhythm of life, we will continue to explore our deepest desires in our relationship with God, self, others, and the world. Last night, Kellye Fabian brought us into the fourth relationship, our relationship with the world.

Kellye began with a powerful statement: “God’s response to the sinfulness and rebellion and brokenness of humanity was blessing.” The heart of the Gospel is that we have been loved so that we can be a blessing to the world. To be a blessing we must be willing to see, to speak well of, and to sacrifice in order to love our neighbor. Blessing is more than being nice. True blessing requires giving a part of ourselves for one another.

Kellye continued, “What we need most to carry out and participate in God’s mission is to be transformed. We need God’s eyes and God’s heart to be people out of whom the love of Christ flows naturally.” This happens when we actually practice loving and blessing, and when we practice disciplines that open our hearts and open our eyes. Kellye then led us in a practice of seeing and praying for the world in images.

This week, will you continue to practice this discipline? What images do you see on a regular basis, in the newspaper, on websites, or on Facebook? Will you make time to pray using the images you see? Will you also choose to be intentional about blessing someone? How will you see, speak well of, and sacrifice to love someone this week?

Let’s also continue to craft a description of the life we long for in our relationships with God, self, others, and the world. This handout will help you write a description of the life you desire. You can also find additional information on this journey including some examples of descriptions from the Practice Team here.