Hi friends. These are pretty extraordinary times, and regardless of where you fall on the political continuum, we can all lament the division, fear, volatility, and mistrust.

Last Sunday, as we prepared to gather two days after the inauguration of President Donald Trump, we decided to offer three prayers for our new president: (1) A priestly prayer, (2) A prophetic prayer, and (3) the Lord’s Prayer. It was a tender, uncomfortable, and beautifully holy moment. Many thanks to Fr Michael Sparough, SJ and Claudia Heinrich for leading us.

Listen to the prayers from Sunday night…

Download the written text….
A Priestly and Prophetic Prayer for President Trump

May we become instruments of God’s peace and justice.  We have a priestly role to play (praying and working for the blessing and flourishing of our leaders and world), and we have a prophetic role to play (speaking and embodying truth to power). It has to be both, not either. May we kneel and march. Submit and protest. Believe the best and courageously confront reality.

May we be priests and prophets in the Way of Jesus, for the sake of the world.

Aaron and The Practice Team