Love and Chaos

Nicole Howe reminds us of how God can bring order out of chaos. When everything in us and around us seems to be swirling out of control, we can rest in Our Creator who ordered the whole world, the cosmos, with beauty, goodness, and truth. In our practice, we lean into the chaos while also inviting God’s creative Spirit to meet us and bring cosmic order.

Check out the podcast above or view the entire service below!

Kingdom Practices
Continue sitting with the practice from Sunday night. How is God bringing order into the chaos of this season for you? How are you being invited to surrender control and open yourself up to the loving presence of God?

Additional Resources
Walking on Water by Madeleine L’Engle
Chaos Can’t by Allen Arnold
Faith, Hope, and Poetry by Malcolm Guite
Doors on the Walls of the World by Peter Kreeft