Love and Admitting I Might Be Wrong

Adele Calhoun guides us through the invitation to admit that we might be wrong. In this season of hardship and division, many of us have a tendency to get stuck listening to those with whom we already agree while trying to prove others wrong. Yet, the invitation of Christ is to be willing to consider that we may not have everything right. Adele leads us through the loving idea of admitting that we might be wrong. Then, we practice a reflection and a breath prayer.

Check out the podcast above or the video of the entire service below!

Kingdom Practices
We invite you to continue the practice of breath prayer. Consider using this guide for reflection and prayer. 

1. What triggers my shame? What is my default reaction to shame? 

2. When am I triggered to prove myself right and others wrong?

Inhale: Jesus, I let go of my compulsion to prove others wrong. 
Exhale: Thank you — your love is bigger than mistakes, ignorance, and shame. 

Inhale: Jesus, I embrace my finite knowing. 
Exhale: Thank you — I don’t need certainty to be enough.

Inhale: Jesus, I want to embody your presence and love.
Exhale: Thank you—you are the most excellent way.

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