This retreat is modeled after an annual retreat led by Amy Jackson at The Perch. The Perch helps exhausted people
connect with God to rest, find peace, and experience transformation. These experiences are used with permission.
Please consider checking out the wonderful ministry of The Perch.

Invitation #4: Looking forward to 2022

Materials: Journal and pen
Time: 20-60 minutes

As we intentionally turn our attention to this coming year, let’s consider a few questions. As you reflect, listen to the Holy Spirit. Do you notice God bringing anything specific to mind?

  • Think about your values. What do you care most about as you enter the new year?

Take two minutes, and write down two or three values. Then consider, what is God inviting you to hold most dear?

  • The new year is a natural time to reset or start fresh. In what ways would you like to reset this new year? Are there any areas in which you want or need a fresh start?

Spend two minutes reflecting on these questions.

  • As you head into the new year, what does your soul most need? What intentional steps will you take to prioritize soul care?

Spend another two minutes considering and responding to these questions.