Pete Scazzero

Pete Scazzero

Hi friends.  As we prepare to engage The Sabbath this month, may I introduce you to a pastor, mentor, and friend who models Sabbath-keeping better than anyone I know:  Pete Scazzero.  Pete is a hard-charging pastor from Queens who almost blew up his life, marriage, and church.  Fortunately, through pain, grace, and his lovingly honest wife Geri, he found a more contemplative path that changed everything. Out of this transformation, they’ve created Emotionally Healthy Spirituality to help people all over the world find a similar freedom.

If you ask Pete the secret of an emotionally healthy spirituality, he will very quickly bring up Sabbath-keeping. He has found it to be absolutely central to learning how to “keep company with Jesus”. In fact, a couple years ago, he lead his entire church into a 7 week experiment of Sabbath-Keeping. To help them prepare, he created this simple document…

Receiving the Gift of Sabbath (Pete Scazzero)

Would you take ten minutes and read it this week? He offers both a beautiful vision of Sabbath-keeping AND a helpful way to practice it. I’m hoping that every one of us will read it so we can begin October 5th from the same starting place.

If you want to dig in deeper, Pete and his church have offered a number of free resources HERE. I’d especially recommend listening to his message “Part 1 – Stopping for the Gift of Sabbath”. Such a powerful vision!

“Sabbath, when lived, is our means as the people of God to bear witness to the way we understand life, its rhythms, its gifts, its meaning, and its ultimate purpose in God. Observing the Sabbath, we affirm: ‘God is the center and source of our lives. God is the beginning, the middle and the end of our existence.’” (Pete Scazzero) 

So please join us! And let’s discover the gift of Sabbath together…