In this series, our desire is to soak ourselves in the character of God as it is described in Exodus 34:6-7. It’s our hope that we can have a real encounter with the compassion, grace, slowness to anger, loyal-love, and faithfulness of God in this season. This week, we considered God’s graciousness. God’s grace is a beautiful, delight-filled gift, given because of God’s great delight in us. How can we experience these gifts of grace in our everyday lives, and respond with delight? If you couldn’t be with us, please check out the podcast or video.

Kingdom Practices
This week, we invite you to continue soaking in God’s gifts of grace with the spiritual practice of gratitude. Let’s slow down to acknowledge the grace we experience every day and allow ourselves to soak in the delight-filled gifts from God. If it is helpful, you may use the audio guide below to engage our practice this week.

You can find the Order of Practice here.

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