In this series, we are opening ourselves to encounter the Lord as we explore the character of God in Exodus 34:6-7. We are seeking to steep ourselves in God’s presence as we contemplate this important passage and see how we might encounter God with a sense of wonder and awe in the process. 

This week, Nicole guided our contemplation of God’s compassion. We see God’s willingness to enter our suffering, and we consider the implications of the Hebrew word rakhum as we rest in the presence of a God who is deeply moved and carries us with the tender care of a mother holding her vulnerable child.

Kingdom Practices
This week, we invite you to continue soaking in God’s compassion in one of two ways. If there is an image that stood out to you in Nicole’s teaching (maybe being seen and responded to by God, the ‘wombishness’ of God, or God caring for you when you are sick) or if there was an experience in the practice, would you continue to reflect on that this week? Bring it to mind regularly, and sit with it for a few minutes. Allow yourself to experience God’s compassion in your reflection.

If there was not an image or experience that stands out. Would you return to our practice from Sunday? Below you will find the guided practice. You may use that resource or guide yourself this week.

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