Being loved by God is the foundation of our identity and the starting point of everything we do. That is why this summer we are soaking, resting, playing, and even breathing in God’s incredible, personal love for us.

This week, we turned our attention outward. Our formation is always for the sake of the world, and we live into our belovedness in order to share God’s love with the world around us. In our time of practice, we soaked in God’s love and listened to the Holy Spirit as we asked who we are being inviting us to share the love of God with this week?

Kingdom Practices
This week, our invitation is to respond to the Spirit’s invitation. Let’s love whoever God is inviting us to love, and let’s be on the lookout for opportunities every day to share God’s love with those in our lives.

In our desire to share God’s love with those around us, we are also serving the wonderful organization Fellowship Housing. Our community has committed to supply the welcome baskets for the five families entering the program this fall. If you didn’t have an opportunity to sign up to bring an item, you can still contribute financially. Gift cards are used as gifts for birthdays and milestones in the program. If you would like to contribute, you can give here and choose the Fellowship Housing Fund. We’ll use that money to purchase the gift cards.


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