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In view of Easter, this Sunday begins a five week journey called Stories of Resurrection: Cultivating Eyes to See & Join God’s Redemption Everywhere. During Lent, we were encouraged to go deep and dark into lament, and now we are invited to go up and out in celebration of Resurrection. Please join us.

Friends, resurrection didn’t just happen one time in Palestine, 2000 years ago. Through the risen Christ, resurrection keeps happening–in our relationships, neighborhoods, hearts, churches, families, vocations, and any other realm of life that God cares about–which is ALL of life! Death didn’t have the last word over Jesus Christ, and it will not have the last word over the world that God so loves. We are invited to partner with God in the great redemption and restoration of all things.

Beginning April 3rd, let’s explore three ways to align with God’s resurrection…
(1) Gratitude.  Eyes to see where resurrection is happening in my life and world.
(2) Longing.  Eyes to see where resurrection is needed in my life and world.
(3) Joining.  Eyes to see how to join God’s work of resurrection in my life and world.

We’ll be guided by the stories, experiences, and prayers of four Christ-followers trying to live this out in compelling ways…

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Aaron Niequist
will share the big invitation and framework for the journey. David Bailey will talk honestly about race in America, and share his story of being a reconciler in the name of Christ. Sarah Bessey will share about growing up in Christianity, needing some part of her faith to die, and then experiencing resurrection in her own relationship with God and the church. Jeremy Courtney will tell his story about living with his wife and two kids in troubled Iraq, and how they see both horror and resurrection happening all around them. And then we’ll have a chance to share our own stories of resurrection with each other.

But those are just the speakers. Each gathering will begin with a robust opening liturgy, offer space to pray for the world, teach new ways to practice resurrection, and guide us to the Table to receive Holy Communion. Beyond hearing new ideas, we are passionately pursuing ways to put Christ’s words into practice for the sake of the world.

You–and anyone you know–are welcome to join us. 6pm in the Willow Creek Chapel.

Grace and peace,
Aaron and The Practice Team