Last night, we continued our Lenten journey as we explored how God speaks in our sorrow. In our culture, we tend to believe being blessed means having money, talents, and influence, but is that true? Dallas Willard said blessing is to “will the good of another.” When God blesses us, we might say God is willing our good, that God is bringing the greatest good into our lives. What if the greatest good does not come from comfort?

Scripture seems to suggest there is a deep gift in our sorrow. In our pain we discover the profound love of God. It is incredible to consider the creator of the universe would stoop low and be present with us in our grief. How might God redeem our suffering in such a way that it serves our formation in Christlikeness?

Lori, then led us in the practice of welcoming prayer. This practice allows us to welcome the emotions we experience in pain, to sit with them in God’s loving presence, rather than rushing past them.

Kingdom Practices
We have two kingdom practices this week. The first is to continue in the work God has been doing in your sorrow. Are you in a season of pain? If so, will you commit to leaning into God, and not pushing through the season more quickly than God would have you move, and if you sense some invitation from God would you respond to it?

The second practice is simply to notice sorrow. As you move through your week, where do you notice sorrow, both in yourself and in others? When you do, would you choose to be present with it? Let’s not ignore or stuff it. Let’s welcome whatever emotions arise in ourselves and others, and hold them in God’s loving presence.