Sunday night, we continued our month engaging the spiritual practice of simplicity. I am more and more convinced this practice is essential in our journey of walking and working with Jesus. The life Jesus offers is a life of simplicity. On Sunday night, we learned about the practice, and we crafted an experiment in simplicity. We listened to how God might be inviting us to practice this important discipline. You can download a copy of the handout here.


Kingdom Practices
As we move into the next few weeks, let’s fully engage our experiments of simplicity. Let’s pay attention to what God is revealing in our practice. What attachments are we uncovering as we wade into simplicity? And let’s share our practices with someone for encouragement and support.

Additional Resources 
If you would like to read more about the practice of simplicity, consider these resources.

[amazon text=Freedom of Simplicity&asin=0060759712] by Richard Foster
[amazon text=Abundant Simplicity&asin=9780830835478] by Jan Johnson
[amazon text=Simplicity&asin=0830835229] by Mindy Caliguire