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Greetings Tribe,

Last Sunday, our great friend Mark Scandrette joined the tribe to help us design a personalized Lenten Experiment out of the laments and aches in our lives as we prepare for Easter. If you missed it, you can listen to his message through the Practice Podcast and work through the steps to designing your own Lenten experiment using the handout available here.

In the sixth and final step of the process of creating a ‘Lenten Experiment’ – Mark mentioned a few important ways to make your experiment stick. If you’re anything like me – I’ve often started a Lenten practice, but failed to finish it due to a lack of encouragement, accountability or a space to share the journey. One of the ways we’re most excited to journey with one another in our experimenting is by inviting you to join our private Facebook community group.
We’ve created a Facebook Group online that you can join for support and community as you implement your Lenten Experiment. Being a part of the group is simple – each of us will post the experiment we’re going to try over the course of Lent each week our team will post self-reflection questions and prompts to check in on how your practice is going. Each week we will all respond and check in by sharing how our experiment has been going (good or bad!) and each week we will encourage and support one another by commenting on each others posts.

Right now the group is public and any of you are invited to join us on the journey – on February 10, the group will be made private so that only group members who have committed to a Lenten Experiment can read and contribute to the posts. We are excited to share that Mark will be participating in the group with us along with members of The Practice Team. We hope that you will join us as we journey together – you don’t have to experiment alone!

Jenna & The Practice Team

I’m in, what should I do next?

  1. Make sure you have a Facebook account (they’re free!)
  2. Join our Facebook group by clicking here.
  3. Post your experiment to the group by February 10
  4. Respond weekly to the self reflection promtps
  5. Encourage and support others in the group by commenting on their posts