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Last night was such a joyful shift in tone from our past few weeks focusing on lament. It was such a joy to have the presence of families and children among us as we gathered in the Chapel to celebrate the beginning of Holy Week, Palm Sunday.

Our invitation to worship was so compelling to me:

“This Sunday we join with churches around the world in commemorating Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem as the start of Holy Week, by enacting a procession of palm branches. This procession invites you to participate in the joyful celebration of the Messiah’s arrival, while simultaneously remembering that the crucifixion of Jesus is not far away.”

Taking part in a Palm Sunday procession has been a relatively new practice for me as I’ve been wading deeper into liturgical waters over the past few years. The little kid in me loves receiving a Palm branch and waving it throughout our worship and cries of Hosanna! Hosanna! Come and save us!

Here is the liturgy from the evening if you want to follow along –

Palm Sunday All Family Liturgy

As little feet (and big feet) filled up the chapel with palms and thanksgiving, we sang Hosanna and read the story of Palm Sunday from the Gospel of Luke. Our declaration of response was, “Blessed are they who come in the name of the Lord,” followed by cries of Hosanna (and much palm branch waving!)

Curtis Miller then led us in a family message on waiting, reflecting on how hard it is to wait for something in our day to day lives, and how Jerusalem had been longing and waiting for their King to come, which was why the cries of “Hosanna, Come save us!” were so passionate as Christ rode into Jerusalem on a donkey – he was not the King they expected, but he was the King they knew they needed and had been waiting for.

After the message, we all gathered at the doors of the chapel, palm branches in hand, and began a procession of singing, palm waving and worship through the lobby of the Chapel, and downstairs into the beautifully set up space in which we were to have our potluck feast. After exploding into the basement and taking our seats around round tables together, we all took part in a confession and an assurance, before breaking bread and pouring juice to partake in communion around the tables in the room. It was so beautiful to see round tables praying and taking part in communion together in this communal and intimate way.

After singing the doxology in response, we finally blessed the meal we were about to receive and released the room to feast in the fabulous potluck provided by our community (and masterfully orchestrated by Rhianna & Lori, and a rockstar team of others.) And guys, you absolutely know how to throw a feast! Balsamic glazed garlic chicken, sloppy joes, homemade fudge and chocolate dipped strawberries (!) it was a wonderful time of being in community with all ages around the table, and I was so blessed to see our little tribe knot closer together.

I hope you all have a meaningful Holy Week walking in the footsteps of our Savior as we remember His journey to the cross and resurrection for our salvation.

Check back on the blog for some Holy week service recommendations later this week!


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