This retreat is modeled after an annual retreat led by Amy Jackson at The Perch. The Perch helps exhausted people
connect with God to rest, find peace, and experience transformation. These experiences are used with permission.
Please consider checking out the wonderful ministry of The Perch at

Welcome to Empty and Fill, our 2022 at-home retreat experience. Below you will find six invitations to reflect on 2021 and look forward to 2022. You may choose to set aside a whole day for a personal retreat, or you might decide to walk through each invitation separately over the course of a few days. It is our prayer that these practices will help us notice God’s presence and activity in all that happened during 2021 and give us space to listen for how the Lord is walking with us into 2022.

However you step into this experience, do whatever is helpful for you to do it with God. These are not steps to complete, but practices to embrace. You might choose to light a candle, pour yourself a cup of tea, or have a seat in front of a fireplace. As best you can, carve out some uninterrupted, holy space to slow down, set distractions aside, and be with Jesus.

We have created all of these invitations with kids and students in mind as well. Parents, we encourage you to adapt these in any way that is helpful for your kids. You will see many of the reflections lend themselves to conversations. It is often helpful for us to share our responses with our kids and students to help model how we walk through these practices. And as we listen, we have an opportunity to reflect God’s attentive care.

If you received a bag of materials from one of our gatherings, you should have all you need. The items you need for each invitation will be listed at the beginning of the guide. If you do not have a bag, you can gather your own materials, or simply walk through the practices without them.

Finally, we know walking with Jesus is not a solitary activity. Would you consider sharing your experience with someone? Whether you invite them into the practice with you or simply find a time to tell someone how you experienced God, being able to name what you have heard is incredibly helpful on the journey.