This retreat is modeled after an annual retreat led by Amy Jackson at The Perch. The Perch helps exhausted people
connect with God to rest, find peace, and experience transformation. These experiences are used with permission.
Please consider checking out the wonderful ministry of The Perch.

Invitation #6: Prayer Labryinth 

Materials: Prayer labryinth
Time: 20-60 minutes

There are three options for this final invitation.

  • You may choose to find and visit an existing prayer labyrinth. If you need help finding one, you can visit
  • You may also choose to simply go for a walk. If this is the case, do not walk in a loop. Instead, plan on walking away from your home or car for a period of time and then turning around and walking back. In this way, you can recreate the practice of walking into the center of a labyrinth and then walking back.
  • Finally, you may choose to stay indoors and use a finger labyrinth. With this practice, you will trace your finger or a pencil along the path of a labyrinth and then back out again.

Whichever option you choose, allow yourself to move slowly through the experience. Gradually make your way to the center and then return thoughtfully back outward.

This final practice is an invitation to prayerfully reflect on what you have noticed throughout this experience. To help facilitate this closing reflection, you will make use of the practice of a prayer labyrinth.

As you walk or trace your way along the path toward the center of the maze, consider what you have noticed about this last year. What have you heard from God in these invitations? As you walk or trace your way back out, look forward to the new year. What did you notice in the forward looking invitations?

You might consider what themes emerge. Is there one particular theme you sense God inviting you to focus on in 2022, or is there a recurring word that you want to hold onto this year? Have a conversation with God about what you have noticed.