This retreat is modeled after an annual retreat led by Amy Jackson at The Perch. The Perch helps exhausted people
connect with God to rest, find peace, and experience transformation. These experiences are used with permission.
Please consider checking out the wonderful ministry of The Perch.

Invitation #1: Remembering 2021

Materials: Journal and pen
Time: 20-60 minutes

As we begin, it will be helpful to spend some time remembering all that transpired in 2021. Some of it was good and some hard. There were moments of joy and times of sorrow, successes and failures, and lots of opportunities to be formed by Jesus.

It may be helpful to consider some general categories. Take a few moments to write about one or two events or experiences within each of these categories:

  • Mind – What did you think about? What did you learn?
  • Body – What did you experience with your body, with your health?
  • Emotion – When did you feel strong emotions? Was there a dominant feeling in 2021?
  • Spirit – How did you experience God? Where did you see God moving in your life?
  • Relationships – What happened in your relationships, new relationships and old?
  • Home – What happened in your home?
  • Work – What happened at work?
  • Resources – How did you handle and share your resources (e.g., time, money, talent, etc.)?

You might also consider writing a few sentences in response to each of these questions:

  • When did you feel most alive last year? 
  • When did you feel life draining out of you?
  • What surprised you last year?
  • What adventures did God take you on in 2021?