The Chapel.


On Sunday night, December 13th, the Practice community gathered together for our first ever Advent Celebration. After a time of dessert, coffee, and gallons of egg nog — because nothing helps you prepare for contemplation like sugar and caffeine (ha!) — we entered the Willow chapel in holy expectation that Immanuel would guide us deeply into reverent reflection and joy-filled celebration. God did exactly that. Hallelujah.

Instead of retelling the experience, we decided to simply post the full recording and printed liturgy. Other than cutting out the 5 minutes of silence and 10 minutes of communion, it’s simply an unedited recording of what happened that night. We hope this helps you get a sense of the journey we went on…and even enables you to experience it too.

Grace and peace in this Advent season.

Download Advent Celebration Liturgy

Listen to the night…


*All photos by Eric Niequist*