We all want to make room for Christ to move in and through our lives, but it’s easy to let the busyness of this season and the intensity of world events crowd Him out. Isn’t it painfully ironic how often we miss Christ because of the busy Christmas season? But we don’t have to! Advent invites us into another way. Let us explore how to practice it together….

December 6th – An Advent Examen
December 13th – An Advent Celebration

Jonathan Martin

Jonathan Martin

On Sunday, December 6th, we’ll ask the question: “What is crowding Christ out of my heart in this season, and how can I begin to let it go?” The first step of making room for Christ is naming what is currently in the way. Fear? Ambition? Busyness? Unforgiveness?  In the prophetic spirit of John the Baptist preparing the way for Christ, our friend Jonathan Martin will invite us deeply into these questions. In fact, he’ll remind us that God turned a religious terrorist (Saul) into the greatest Christian apostle (Paul) through the courageous grace of someone (Ananias) who let go of his fear and let Christ flow through him. This story has so much to teach us today. And then we’ll spend some time practicing an “Advent Examen” and let God speak and lead us. May this be a night of beauty, truth, and holy freedom.


Becky Ykema

Sunday, December 13th, will be a full Advent Celebration. We’ll go on a journey of scripture, practice, prayer, and a ton of music through the whole Christmas story, and celebrate the God who has not given up on this world. After diving deeply into an Advent Examen the week before, we’ll bring our freshly opened hearts to Emmanuel and celebrate all the ways God wants to fill us for the sake of the world. Please join us! (One more thing: Great friend of the Practice, Becky Ykema, is flying back from Colorado to join our worship team this night. Can’t wait!)


[And then we will be off until Sunday, January 10th.]


Please don’t miss these next two weeks, friends. 6pm in the Willow Creek Chapel. We’re excited to explore the depth and beauty of Advent with you all….

Grace and peace,