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Why you should bring your mom this Sunday

By May 8, 2015Upcoming

Hey friends. This Sunday night’s gathering has the potential to be quite powerful, and we want to specifically extend an invitation to your mom. And if you’re a mom, we’d love for you to join us. And if you’ve ever had a mom (which I’m guessing is right around 100% of us. ha!), please come and worship with us.  Here’s why…

God is not a dude.  In fact, God is Spirit…beyond gender as we understand it. And while the Scriptures use both masculine and feminine language to help us engage the fullness of God, we tend to think of God with primarily masculine characteristics.  These are absolutely true, but only a part of the story.

This Sunday night–in honor of Mother’s Day–let’s worship another side of God:  Our Creator’s maternal qualities.  Using the scripture as our guide, we’ll lift up the powerful ways that God mothers us…and then honor our own Moms for being an image of such a strong and loving God.

“For God created human beings in God’s own image…
male and female God created them.” (Gen 1:27)

Once anchored in gratitude and the holy scriptures, we’ll learn from a living example of what God can do through a woman who has found her calling in the world:  Lynne Hybels.

Lynne Hybels

Lynne Hybels

Lynne has been a part of The Practice community from the beginning, and this Sunday night we get to hear her story. She’ll share quite honestly about the “dark night of the soul” that dismantled her faith and launched her to follow Christ as a peacemaker into some of the most dangerous places on earth. It’s a beautiful, messy, and redemptive story of how God can use our brokenness to bring healing to the world.

At the end, as we prepare to approach the table, Lynne will leave us with three questions to help us move deeply into the heart of Christ and begin discovering how God is calling us to engage the world.  May her story heal, challenge, and inspire us all to be God’s hands and feet in this broken world.

See you Sunday,
Aaron and The Practice Team


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