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Now that we’re Podcasting the Sunday evening messages, our team has become increasingly aware of the limits of the spoken word. Teaching plays a huge role in forming our theology and inviting us into practice, but it’s not the center of our gathering. The Lord’s Table is at the center.

Unfortunately–for technical and copyright-related reasons–we can’t include the whole 90 minute gathering on the Podcast. So if you missed Sunday night, you’re only hearing a part of the journey. Like reading the middle two chapters of a ten chapter book.

So as a small way to invite you into the full story, here are the “Order of Practice” liturgies from the last two Sundays…

04.12.15 Order of Practice
04.12.15 Communion Liturgy
04.19.15 Order of Practice
04.19.15 Communion Liturgy

Grace and peace to you all,

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  • John Loppnow says:

    Thank you Aaron & Team.
    I’m so glad you shared the liturgies.

    Saw James K.A. Smith speak at Fuller this week. Totally thought about you as this community is shaping the hearts of the people there towards the end of loving God. We are what we love.

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