A rhythm of life is “something to hang on to in the dark, something that points out the road, something that gives us support as we climb.”
–Joan Chittister

For thousands of years, men and women have been intentionally ordering their lives to do life with God. This year at The Practice, we will join them as we each craft a personal rhythm of life. A rhythm of life is a description of the life we long to live and the way we will live that life.

A rhythm begins with a description of the life we long for in our deepest desires. With the Holy Spirit’s guidance, we want to explore our surface desires (success, money, to be liked by everyone, etc.) and follow them like a trail of breadcrumbs to our deepest longings, to find our true home in God. Because a rhythm of life involves our whole selves and every area of our lives, we will craft our description using four relationships. What we want to be true in our relationship with God, self, others, and the world.

Listen to the journey:
1.15   What is a rhythm of life?
1.22   Relationship with God: God is love
1.26   Relationship with self: We are loved
2.12   Relationship with others: Designed to love
2.19   Relationship with the world: Loved to bring love

Download a guide to crafting a description of the life you desire to live in your relationship with God, self, others and the world.

Below are two examples from members of our community of a description of the life we desire, the first part of a Rhythm of Life.

Rhythm of Life Example