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Happy Wednesday Tribe!

As promised here is a list of recommended resources to continue our conversation from last Sunday with Steven Garber about the Theology of Vocation. Here are our top picks for books, blogs and organizations to take you deeper into how our vocations are integral, not incidental to the Kingdom of God.

May you have eyes to see sacramentally this week,


Jenna Perrine & The Practice Team

Here Are My Hands | A New Liturgy by Aaron Niequist

This two-part liturgy is all about recapturing the holy possibility of our commutes. On the way to work, Part ONE helps you to pray “God, here are my hands. What do You want to do through me today in my job? May my hands, voice, and heart help to bring Your Kingdom here on earth.”

And on the way home from work, Part TWO helps us reflect on the day, confess our sins, forgive those who have wronged us, and let it all go.


Recommended Blogs further reading

Recommended Organizations to connect to

  • The Washington Institute for Faith, Vocation and Culture.
    Founded by Dr. Steven Garber, the Washington Institute believes that “vocation is integral, not incidental, to the mission of God in the world.”  Through teaching, writing and speaking, TWI sets for the vision that faith shapes vocation, and that shapes culture. They carry out their vision through partnerships with various foundations, businesses, retreat centers, congregations, seminaries and ministries around the world. Through their work, TWI seeks a “renewed vision of vocation and the common good.”
  • Laity Lodge
    An ecumenical Christian retreat center, Laity Lodge is dedicated to “enabling Christians to know Jesus deeply and to serve him in the everyday places of their lives.” Laity runs numerous retreats every year, some of which focus specifically on vocation, hosting gatherings for church, business and artistic leaders.
  • The High Calling
    This online magazine runs by the motto: “Every day conversations about work, life, and God.”  THC pays special focus to helping readers find God in their work, family, and broader culture.
  • WorkLife
    As their website says, WorkLife has “pioneered simple, yet impactful curriculum and tools to fuel your personal success.” The organization exists to provide individuals, churches and organizations with the tools to “find Life in work.” Visit their site to learn more and to discover the helpful tools they offer.
  • Redeemer’s  Center for Faith and Work 
    A ministry of Redeemer Presbyterian Church, CFW is the “cultural renewal arm” of the Redeemer movement, founded to help individuals apply the gospel to their lives, connect to professionals within their field that can challenge and inspire their work, and mobilize leaders to become agents of change for the common good, through existing institutions and by creating new ones.

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  • The Here Are My Hands | A New Liturgy by Aaron Niequist CD is a great resource!

  • Another major set of free resources on the Theology of Vocation is the website of the Theology of Work Project (theologyofwork.org)
    This includes a commentary on every book of the Bible explored for work-related themes
    Resources for small groups, preaching, corporate worship and scholars.
    A 252 page book of Work in Worship resources can also be downloaded free from https://www.theologyofwork.org/uploads/general/WorkInWorshipWelbourn.pdf
    I am a member of this Project and have collected and helped to compile the worship resources.
    I really like the the look of the resources you are compiling and would be keen for us to share more resources.
    Incidentally, we have also now been entrusted with ownership of all The High Calling content that you make reference to.
    All of our material is open source and available for other groups to use freely.
    With best wishes, Alistair Mackenzie

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