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Kingdom Practice: A Rule of Life

Rule of Life

Rule of Life

For the next two weeks, we are experimenting with a shared rule of life.  (A Rule of Life is a structure or rhythm for our lives that enables us to pay attention to God in everything we do.)  Over the last couple months, we’ve been exploring a number of practices that align us with The Kingdom;  and by God’s Grace, a clearer path has begun to emerge.  We are committing to this “rule of life” for the next 14 days, and then when we meet back together on June 1st, we’ll share stories and make adjustments.  Our leadership team is suggesting this first draft, but we need to put flesh on it as a community!  Here is the plan…

Lectio in the morning
See / Immerse / Contend throughout the day
Examen in the evening

(1) Lectio – Begin each day by opening the scriptures and inviting God to speak to you.  Feel free to follow your own reading plan, or join us in this:  Monday – John 4:4-26 / Tuesday – Luke 10:25-37 / Wednesday – John 5:1-15 / Thursday – John 8:1-11 / Friday – Luke 5:17-26 / Saturday – Luke 7:11-17 / Sunday – Luke 13:10-17  (Listen to Introduction to Lectio by Mindy Caliguire.  Read the blog post about Lectio.)

(2) See / Immerse / Contend – All day long, in every conversation, action, and moment, be asking God “Who do you want me to see?  Where should I immerse?  How can I contend and join Your restoration?”  In this way we practice the presence of God and pray without ceasing…always open to the winds of God’s Kingdom among us.  (Listen to Jon Huckins’ teaching on See/Immerse/Contend.  Read the blog about See/Immerse/Contend.)

(3) Examen – Each evening, gratefully lay your day before God and pray about the ways we joined His Kingdom and the ways we missed it.  And then, through God’s Grace, look forward to tomorrow.  (Listen to Father Michael’s teaching on The Examen.  Read the blog about Examen.)

Will you join us?

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