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Kingdom Practice 3: The Open Chair

Kingdom Practice
Week 3


This week, we are engaging in the practice of “the open chair,” which is a way of understanding the process of spiritual transformation. In this practice, we arrange two chairs, one for us and one that will remain empty in a physical sense, but which we place next to or across from us as a tangible reminder of God’s role in the transformation of our soul. Between these chairs is our soul, a thing to be restored to Christ-likeness and wholeness in partnership with God. God offers us his grace, forgiveness, and power. But he never forces these on us; we must slow ourselves, sit down in his presence, and bring our brokenness and openness to him.

Sitting down in your quiet time with an open chair next to or across from you is a reminder that for transformation to occur, two people are required – you and God. God is inviting you to open your heart, surrender your control, and turn over your brokenness to his grace, power, and forgiveness.

The Open Chair.

Here is one way to engage in the practice of the open chair…
Arrange the Open Chair. In your time with God each day this week, pull up an open chair next to or across from the one you sit in. Quiet your body and take several deep breaths.
Pray. Offer this prayer with your palms open: I am here in your presence, Lord. In this moment, I open my heart to your healing grace. I offer my brokenness for your forgiveness and redemption. I surrender my desire to control and command.
Listen. Sit quietly and simply listen for what God is speaking to you. If your mind starts to run with thoughts of your day or to-do lists, take a couple breaths and pray the prayer above again to re-center yourself and try listening again.
Read. Read the Scripture passages listed below as a reminder of God’s promises to restore and transform you.

Daily Scripture Readings

Monday: Ephesians 4:7-13
Tuesday: James 1:2-4
Wednesday: 2 Corinthians 3:17-18
Thursday: Hebrews 5:12-6:1
Friday: Hebrews 12:1-3
Saturday: Philippians 1:3-6

Additional Resources

Article: Spiritual Formation as a Natural Part of Salvation, Dallas Willard

Book: Discovering Soul Care, Mindy Caliguire

Video: Two Chairs: The Process of Spiritual Formation

World class Artwork:  (Mindy’s drawing from Sunday night)…

Mindy's Spiritual Formation drawing

Mindy’s Spiritual Formation drawing

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  • 5am I awoke to write a eulogy for my dear sister in Christ, Darryl. After His words flowed through my hand I put my notebook aside and turned to the Kingdom practice for today. In the intro the following words spoke to me, “…open your heart,surrender your control and turn your brokenness to His grace,power and forgiveness.” And my reflectin, we, Darryl and I began our journey in His grace and traveled to and through His forgiveness. We ended our 3 year Women’s ministry together in His power. And now you Darryl now stand in the fullness of His redemptive power. And me this morning leaned into the power of His words. And I pray the power of His strength to allow me to speak clearly at the upcoming memorial service in order to honor Him who began a good work in us.
    So after writing my reflection I turned to read the verses Ehp4:7-11 and I read through 13. YES Lord, thank You for the opportunity You gave and grew us to and through as “…pastors and teachers ” of Your words in our Womens Ministry serving. WHat a Blessed time!!!! Thank you and God Bless, In His, grace, truth and light.

  • Sharon Swing says:

    Thank you for creating a beautiful space for us to meet with God.

  • Eric says:

    I’m gonna be in the car alone Alot this week so I chose my passenger seat to let Jesus join me in (I know he’s already there). What I’ve realized is I am going to have a very hard time keeping all the crud out of it from wrappers to papers to phones and computers. I keep Him out while He invites me to let him in.

  • After tomorrow, I will have completed all three weeks of The Practice. It is hard to describe how much this process has helped me. I’ve gone from anxiety to calm; from depression to joy; and from trying to figure things out myself to total surrender to Him. You have provided the structure I have searched for for many years. In addition to the daily Scripture, the suggested articles, books and videos have been a great help also. Mindy’s book on Soul Care is powerful and and answered questions I have had for a long time. Thanks for this and please keep it coming. My only regret is that I cannot make every Sunday evening because my small group meets every other Sunday at the same time as The Practice. Thanks again, Aaron and the rest of the team that came up with this.

    • Aaron Niequist says:

      Wow, thanks for sharing this, Larry. We are absolutely thrilled to hear it. And we feel the same way! It’s beautiful to experience how near God is to every one of us…all we need to do is turn toward God, listen, and try to put his words into practice. Glad to be on the journey with you. Many blessings… Aaron

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