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Eucharist & Mission

By April 6, 2015Upcoming

Eucharist. Communion. The Lord’s Table. What is this Holy Sacrament and why is it so important for our lives and the life of the world?

In light of Resurrection, for the next six weeks, please join us in the mystery and invitation of the Eucharist. Let’s explore WHY this practice is so central, and HOW it launches us into a life of Mission. Jesus Christ was broken open for the sake of the world, and we are invited and empowered to break ourselves open for the sake of the world.

It’s so much more than simply remembering what Jesus did for me.

Over the next six weeks, through God’s grace, guided by a fantastic team of teachers, pastors, and prophets, we’ll begin to build a theology and practice of the Eucharist…



April 12th – After the Judson University Choir leads our opening liturgy, we’ll begin week one with a foundational teaching from NT scholar Dr Scot McKnight. Don’t miss this. Scot will unpack “the last supper” and help us understand the context and profound depth of the meal Jesus offered his disciples. Come ready to learn…and practice.

April 19th – From the theological foundation of “What is the Eucharist?”, we’ll move on to an equally important question: “Who is welcome at Jesus’ table? Did Jesus exclude anyone? Should we?” And we’re thrilled that friend Jonathan Martin will humbly and courageously shepherd this conversation. In the power of the Spirit, may it be a stretching, holy, and healing night.

April 26th – On week three, pastor/teacher/writer David Fitch will help us turn outward: Eucharist as Mission. What does it look like to not only receive the broken body of Christ, but to follow Him into breaking ourselves open for the sake of the world? What is the mission of God and how can we allow ourselves to get swept up in it?

The second half of the journey will begin fleshing out these ideas. What does it actually look like to break ourselves open for the sake of the world?

May 3rdAustin Channing Brown has given her life to the work of racial reconciliation. We’re thrilled she will share her story, connect it to the Big Movement of God’s reconciling work in the world, and teach us a practice to join this work. Austin is courageous, godly, and deeply wise…and we can’t wait to learn from her.

May 10th – When you look up “contemplative activist” on wikipedia, we’re pretty sure that Lynne Hybels‘ picture comes up. (At least it should!) For the last few decades, Lynne has been on the front lines of breaking herself open for the sake of the world:  from HIV/AIDS to The Democratic Republic of The Congo to Israel/Palestine to her recent visit to Iraq. Lynne will help us explore what peacemaking looks like in the name of Christ.

May 17th – We’ll finish this journey with a night of worship, prayer, and Eucharist for the sake of the world. A full band, full hearts, an open table, and open hands before God. “May Your Kingdom come, may Your will be done…in us and through us as it is in Heaven.”


As usual, the Sunday gatherings–6pm in the Willow Creek chapel–are only a small part of the journey. You can connect with the Practice blog during the week, and above all, join us as we learn to put Jesus’ words into PRACTICE.

Honored to be on this journey with you.
Aaron and The Practice Team


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