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Embracing the Mothering Images of God

By May 15, 2017Reflections

What a beautiful night! From the liturgy to Meredith’s teaching and the playful practice, it was such a moving evening. Our opening liturgy gave me something I really need in this season, to know the comforting, nurturing presence of God. Then Meredith lead us through the story of God using a number of passages highlighting God’s feminine attributes. She helped us explore the beginning of our story in belovedness, the breath of God that gives us life, and the invitation to stop striving and rest in God.

Then we looked at God’s invitation to rest. Sabbath, of course, is a commandment, but it is also an invitation to release our striving to find our value in anything other than our identity as God’s beloved children and embrace joy. So we took an opportunity to engage in some childlike play as we walked around the room blowing bubbles. It was a beautiful, tangible picture of embracing God’s invitation to joy.

Have a listen to the podcast.

Kingdom Practices
Our Kingdom Practice this week is to explore how we can more intentionally respond to God’s invitation to enter Sabbath rest. What productive activities tend to define you or give you a sense of worth? What must you do to cease these for one day a week? And what brings you joy? Can you embrace joy and play on Sabbath? You may find it helpful to use this worksheet to craft or refine your Sabbath practice.

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  • Marilyn Morris says:

    Many years ago, my husband and I were visiting our daughter in Chicago and had the opportunity to experience the original Blue Man Group. At the end of the “concert”, the blue meant actually walked up the the auditorium seats to start the pulling of the paper. As we initially entered the auditorium, we were each handed two strips of white crepe paper to tie around our heads. To this day, I remember the insanity of the rock music, strobe lights and participating as a crazy adult frantically pulling the paper. Thanks for revisiting this experience.

    I live in Loveland, CO so I’m not able to actually experience The Practice
    I e, but I’m thankful that I can listen to the message on Mondays.

    Blessings to you all.

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