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Advent: December at The Practice

By December 2, 2014Upcoming

This Sunday begins our fourth Practice of the Suburban Stronghold:  ADVENT.

After practicing Centering Prayer in September, Sabbath-Keeping in October, and Simplicity in November, we now join with the historic church and cry “Come, Lord Jesus, Come”.  Advent invites us to slow down and prepare our hearts and lives to celebrate Emmanuel, which means “God with us”.  Advent is a season of deep longing …but above all, HOPE.

We will gather on two Sunday nights…



December 7th:  After an opening Advent liturgy (scripture, song, and prayer for the world), Fr Michael Sparough will lead a Prayer of Imagination into the story of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph.  This scriptural mediation will offer us holy space to interact with Emmanuel in a fresh and personal way.  Thanks be to God.  And out of this encounter, we’ll gather around the communion table together.  May the Spirit of Christ guide us in every way.

December 14th:  One of our favorite bands, The Brilliance, is coming on Sunday the 14th.  We’re so excited!  David Gungor and his incredible team of musicians will lead the opening liturgy;  and then after a time of practice, they’ll help lead us through communion. I can’t wait for their melodies and strings to fill the chapel.  But that’s not all.  After a 30 minute break for dessert in the lobby (7:30-8pm), everyone is invited back into the chapel for a free Brilliance Advent Concert at 8PM.  Come early to make sure you get a seat.

Finally, throughout this season, we’ll post resources and reflections to help us practice Advent in big and small ways.  American culture tells us that December needs to be the most overwhelming, stressful, consumeristic, exhausting month of the year, but Jesus Christ invites us into another way:

“Come, all who are weary…and I will give you rest.”

May this season of Advent be marked by deep longing, powerful hope, wise preparation, and the unforced rhythms of Grace.

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