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A Prayer Liturgy for the World

By July 25, 2016Resources

On Sunday morning, I got to share this powerful “Prayers of the People”–written by a member of the Practice, Samuel Ogles–with the Mars Hill Bible Church community. We had a few requests for the text, so here is a free download…

Prayers of the People Liturgy (Samuel Ogles)

The whole story: Last winter, we felt led to spend the season of Lent learning how to Lament as a Practice community. It was a difficult but profoundly transforming experience to engage a practice that, frankly, most of us had never explored. In preparation for the first Sunday, we asked one of our core members, Sam Ogles, to help us lift up the needs of the world to God.  After much prayer, reflection, and hard work, he created this beautiful “Prayers of the People”.

If you’re curious, here is the whole liturgy: 02.14.16 Practice Liturgy

Finally, these two songs carried the experience…

(1) Prayers of the People by The Brilliance:


(2) “I Want Jesus to Walk With Me”:

Live recording by Mars Hill Music here…

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